Sunday, 29 March 2015

40 Fun Things To Do!

Hi guys!

 I know, I've been gone for sooo long! My last post was 6 months ago! Even though I had promised myself I would try to commit to this blog and keep posting frequently over a long period of time, a lot of things got in the way. Mostly procrastination, family matters, relationship matters... studying... pffft! Yeah, right! (ok, but in all seriousness, college is quite demanding when it comes to studying, you know.)

  Well, the important thing is that I'm back. :)

  And since my boyfriend recently initiated a new project and is planning to start making youtube videos with a friend, I thought that I should have something equally creative to spend a part my time doing as well. Who knows, maybe I'll end up making videos too someday. If I'm not too lazy and bored, that is.

  Speaking of boredom...this post's purpose is to introduce a few ways to deal with boredom as it is a devastating disease that keeps spreading and concerns all of us!

  As for me personally, I am generally a lazy person, but only when it comes to work or school-related (college-related, nowadays) things or chores that my parents want me to finish (like tidy my room or clean the toilet). Though lately I've been having those days where I wake up and I sit in front of my laptop and just stare at the screen for 20 minutes trying to decide what to do, but realizing that I'm too bored to actually do anything. And it annoys me when I think about how many things I could possibly have done instead of wasting my time unproductively.

  As a result of this annoyance, I decided to create a list of suggestions, just in case any of you guys happen to have one of those days where nothing seems interesting. Surely there should be something among those 40 things that you'll find appealing!

Here is a list of 40 fun things to do when you're bored:
(some of the colored words are links to other sites)

1. Watch a movie (don't forget to make some popcorn!)

2. Read a book (while drinking tea/hot chocolate/coffee and listening to the sound of the rain)

3. Tidy your room (Even though you've been avoiding it for so long, consider the fact that you can kill a lot of time by doing it)

4. Read a Manga or watch an Anime

5. Cook/Learn a new recipe

6. Watch funny Youtube Videos

7. Write a story or a poem or a fanfiction

8. Compose a song

9. Do a research on something random (for example: how to detect liars, how to survive a zombie apocalypse, foreign customs and traditions, urban legends that just won't disappear, etc.)

10. Write a movie script

11. Draw/Sketch/Paint

12. Sing Karaoke

13. Dance to your favorite songs

14. Mute movies and lip-read them (or you can watch videos of people who have done it for you on Youtube)

15. Start a DIY project (you can make pretty much everything; a coffee table, a mirror, candle holders, bookshelves, etc.)

16. Pamper Yourself (have a long and relaxing bath, apply moisturizing cream on your body, paint your nails, get someone to give you a massage etc.)

17. Play video games or an online game

18. Study (I know you don't want to do it, but instead of just doing nothing you might as well.)

19. Call or visit someone

20. Learn how to do  Origami
    (information & instructions)

21. Plan your outfit for tomorrow

22. Start learning a foreign language (or at least how to curse in 50 different languages.)

23. Create your own language 

24. Vlog (haven't you ever wondered what it would be like if you vlogged about your day like some of your favorite youtubers? Then just grab a camera and try it for a day).

25. Go for a walk

26. Rate passers by

27. Attempt to do nail-art (unless you are a straight guy of course)

28. Take an online quiz

29. Invent a game

30. Write a letter to yourself to read in the future

31. Try a new hairstyle

32. Start a Blog (or update an existing one)

33. Create a photo collage

34. Create a smoothie (just put whatever you want in the mixer, drink it, give it a name and voila!)

35. Build a Fort out of your furniture 

36. Exercise (it worked for me a couple of times)

37. Make a paper fortune-teller 
    (I do this one all the time. Just follow these instructions)

38. Watch the news (get informed about what's happening worldwide)

39. Keep yourself occupied with this RED BUTTON
  or this funny site
  or this one
  or check out this site with a list of random things to do

40. Make your own list!!

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Thanks for reading!


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