Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My December Favourites!

Hi guys!

  As you've noticed, it has taken me a quite a long while to publish this post. To be honest it was both because I had personal matters to attend to and because I just didn't feel like writing it this time. After postponing it for half a month, I began considering to cancel it. However, I decided not to skip the month of December, as it was a relatively good month for me and I had a lot of new favourite things to share with you, which is something that I always enjoy doing.

  So, without further ado, I will now move on to the main topic of this post and start writing about my favourite things from last month.

Favourite Drink:
Hot Chocolate

  I love chocolate in general, but hot chocolate specifically could possibly be one of my favourite things in the whole world. It's delicious, it warms me up and it make me happy during the miserable and cold days of the winter. I can prepare a cup at any time and it's always there to make everything better.

Favourite Youtube Subscriptions:

  During December, I really enjoyed watching the videos of two very popular and successful female Youtubers and friends, Zoella (Zoe Sugg) and Tanya Burr. Both of them get really excited and motivated every year around Christmas time and work very hard to provide their viewers with interesting content to watch. Their videos during Vlogmas are always enjoyable to watch and are guaranteed to put you in a great and very festive mood. 
  This year Tanya Burr's vlogs were even more entertaining than last year and Zoella put a tremendous amount of effort in order to have two videos up every single day (1 video for her main channel and 1 vlog for her vlogging channel). I was debating on which one to write about in this blogpost but, in the end, I decided to go for both of them, because I thoroughly enjoy watching their videos and I follow their lives through their Vlogmas videos every year around Christmas time; needless to say they've become a big part of it.

Zoella has a very fun and bubbly personality, she always has a smile on her face and never fails to cheer me up. Her videos are always interesting, creative and helpful, not to mention very fun to watch. I am often inspired by her interests in beauty and fashion and her sense of style (I love how everything looks good on her). Lastly, I really enjoy watching her go about her day in her vlogs and talk about her life in general in her Q&A's.

On Zoella's Channel you will find:
Make-up & Hair Tutorials
Advice on Beauty, Fashion & Life
Beauty, Fashion & Home Hauls
Fashion Lookbooks
Monthly Favourites
Baking Videos
Youtube Challenges & Tags
Collaborations with other Youtubers
...and lots more fun content!

Zoella - Main Channel: click here
MoreZoella - Vlogging Channel: click here
Blog: click here
Twitter: click here
Instagram: click here

Tanya Burr
Tanya Burr has a gorgeous face and a very lively, sweet and friendly personality. Although she seems very mature and sophisticated, she also has an adorable and clumsy side to her, which I think is what most people love about her. I was introduced to her channel around the time that I subscribed to Zoella's channel and since then I've learned a lot about make-up and fashion and have also developed an interest in baking. I love her inspiring make-up tutorials, beauty & fashion hauls and vlogs the most.

On Tanya Burr's channel you will find:
Make-up Tutorials
Beauty & Fashion Hauls
"Get Ready with Me" Videos
Fashion Lookbooks
Baking Videos
Monthly Favourites
Advice on Beauty, Fashion & Life
Collaborations with other Youtubers
...and a lot more interesting content!

Tanya Burr - Youtube Channel: click here
Blog: click here
Twitter: click here
Instagram: click here

Favourite Songs:

That's Christmas To Me by Pentatonix
The First Noel by Pentatonix

Sing by Pentatonix

Sorry by Justin Bieber

Hello by Adele

The Hills by The Weeknd

Favourite Anime:

  This is the first time that I have ever introduced an anime to you, which is why I thought it would be fitting to suggest the first anime that I ever watched. I first came across it during middle school and it was the first step to my infatuation with anime, manga and Japanese culture in general. I happened to watch it again in December (well only a big part of it actually, because it has 150+ episodes) and fell in love with it all over again.

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance, Comedy.
Watch InuYasha: click here
Watch InuYasha: The Final Act: click here

  The storyline follows Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old girl whose normal life completely changes when a demon drags her into a cursed well on the grounds of her family's Shinto shrine. The well acts as a portal which transports Kagome 500 years in the past, during Japan's violent Sengoku period where demons are still in existence. Kagome finds out that what the demon who snatched her is really after, is a wish-granting jewel, called the "Shikon Jewel" which is somehow inside of her body.

  While trying to escape, Kagome meets and accidentally awakens Inuyasha, a half-demon, who is also after the jewel and fights the other demon for it. Later, Kagome accidentally shatters the jewel into countless pieces which scatter across Japan. Together Kagome and Inuyasha must travel to every remote corner of the land and collect all the shards to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Favourite Movie:

Notting Hill
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama.
IMDb Page: click here
Trailer: click here

Plot Summary:
William Thacker is an unsuccessful travel bookshop owner, who shares an apartment in Notting Hill with a very weird roommate. His personal life is pretty much in shambles and his only support is a small group of good friends. His simple life changes completely when the famous American actress, Anna Scott, walks into his shop. After an awkward exchange of words she exits the shop, leaving William baffled, certain that he'll never see her again. However, luck seems to be on his side as he runs into Anna once more, a while later, where he spontaneously decides to grasp this divine second chance to become her friend and maybe even more. But, will a simple guy like William be able to get the most famous movie star in the world to fall in love with him? And will they manage to be together, with Anna's fame placing her every move under the constant surveillance of the all-devouring social media?

Small Review:
  "Notting Hill" is sweet, funny and very entertaining. Although the storyline is quite predictable, it highlights every event with great humor and realism.

  First of all, the characters are very realistic. From their actions to their different personalities, they are real people that live among us and people that we can identify as. Despite their inner strength to fight whatever difficulty life bestows upon them, they are also very vulnerable in their own way, and that is something that encourages the audience to form a connection with each character. It is also important to point out that their realism is enhanced by the great chemistry between the actors themselves.

 Furthermore, I find it interesting that the plot focuses on the love between two people of unequal social standings. It is a concept that we often come across in stories about periods of time that are much further in the past, dating back to lords and their servants. This same concept now takes a more modern interpretation, with the love between an ordinary person and a world-famous celebrity.

  In fact, the thing that makes this film very amusing, in my opinion, is the fact that it messes, in a way, with everyone's secret dream of one day meeting and falling in love with their favourite celebrity. Having gone through "the fan-girl phase" myself, there have been many times when I irrationally and unrealistically wondered what would happen if I ever met my favourite member of a certain boy-band during everyday-life circumstances... then again haven't we all? The film manages to capture this most unlikely situation, including the realism and the difficulties that most fan-girls tend not to consider at all.

  Another thing that I really liked about this film is that it also introduces the real struggles that celebrities have to face as they strive to achieve perfection. Some of the people that we think lead perfect and carefree lives are in reality very unhappy and stressed from dealing with common everyday-life problems that are always magnified under the constant attention of the social media. No matter how much they would like to be treated as ordinary people who don't have to constantly protect themselves from the abuse of the press, that is a goal that can never be achieved. The film gives us a better understanding of certain situations that they have to face, that we are completely unfamiliar with and just like William, in the film, never even considered in the past. This is something that proves once again the great realism in the film.
  Lastly, what I loved most about this film, is that despite the great differences between Anna and William and the difficulties that threaten to separate them during the development of their unique relationship, they still manage to have their happy ending, proving to us that true love is possible in the most unlikely of situations and that some dreams do come true.

So, that's the end of my "December Favourites".

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