Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hi guys!

  First of all, Merry Christmas to you all! I hope that you spent Christmas in a very happy and festive mood and that you had a great time, with your family, friends and/or significant other.

  So, since it was Christmas a few days ago, I thought I should post a little something to relay my wishes to you all. I also wanted to share with you how I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and also show you some pictures that I took.

Christmas Eve:
I woke up and basically spent the entire morning and afternoon on my laptop watching random videos on Youtube, mostly vlogmas videos that I had missed that past week.
I spent the evening at home with my family. We watched "Home Alone" and had a wonderful dinner together.
I baked a batch of Christmas sugar cookies, the recipe of which (click here to view it) I got from Zoella's blog. I always enjoy baking sweets but the best part about this recipe was getting to decorate them however I liked. I think they turned out pretty great. The designs I made were really cute and baking them was a very fun and creative activity for me.
 After everyone else went to sleep I placed all of my presents under the Christmas tree and then made myself hot chocolate and relaxed on the sofa in a warm blanket, watching "Notting Hill" by myself.

Christmas Day:
My brother woke me up really early because he couldn't wait to open the Christmas presents. That is something we always do together as a family, so I couldn't not participate.
A while later my family and I started opening our presents. I received a few very thoughtful gifts and also some money to buy presents for myself in their stead. My family really appreciated my gifts to them and I was very satisfied with the whole gift-giving process (even though I was in quite a grumpy mood from being woken up so early).
I tried to shoot a few decent photos of Ren, my guinea pig, in a more festive-looking back-ground (a.k.a. the sofa throw that I had just given to my mom as a Christmas present). It was really hard because he was quite anxious the whole time and kept moving around a lot. I think that (for some reason) he hated being on that sofa throw because he was constantly looking for a way to get off of it, mostly by attempting to climb and jump on me.
I spent the evening with my boyfriend and his family at his house. I brought them a plate of the Christmas sugar cookies that I made and I can assume that they really liked them because they were all gone after a short while. I was very satisfied by how the evening turned out, because even though there were a few awkward moments, overall it was really fun being with my boyfriend and his family and I felt like I belonged with them. I have to thank my boyfriend for that lovely Christmas memory.
Lastly, I returned home late at night to discover that my mom had made "melomakarona" without me. I wanted to help her make them, but since it was her first time trying, I reckon she would've wanted me out of the kitchen anyway. I guess we can do it together next year.

Dinner on Christmas Eve

Random Pictures of Christmas
Tree Ornaments

Baking Christmas Cookies

Photoshoot with Ren

The "Melomakarona" that my mom made

So, yeah... that's the end of it.

  I was really excited to share my Christmas memories with you.

  I'll try to publish another little blog post tomorrow, where I'm going to show you some of the presents that I got for Christmas (most of which I got for myself with the money I was given). So, if you enjoy reading these kinds of blog posts, make sure to check it out when it goes live.

  Other than that, I just want to say, thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts. I try my best to bring you something entertaining and I really appreciate your support.


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