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5 Must-Watch Chick-Flicks (Part 1)

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  So, I'm more of a science-fiction/fantasy/action film type of girl, but I must say, I always enjoy a bit of romance in them. And there comes a time in every girl's life where she finds herself having a sudden urge to watch a classic chick-flick. Especially if you're a movie enthusiast like me (meaning that you're curious to watch all kinds of movies).

  There is something about chick-flicks that sometimes makes them the best thing to pass the time with. Laughing at the ridiculous jokes, gushing over the most cliche romantic moments and crying at the dramatic plot twists and happy endings. Chick-flicks always manage to bring out my most girly and sentimental side.
  Whether you are a girl who a) enjoys chick-flicks, b) is choosing a movie for a slumber party with her friends or c) needs something to occupy her time with, or even a guy who's trying to satisfy his girlfriend by enduring a movie intended for girls, my series of "Must-Watch Chick-Flicks" is exactly what you've been looking for.

For Part 1 I have gathered the following 5 films:

Beautiful Creatures
My Rating: 10/10
IMDb page: click here
Trailer: click here

Plot: In Gatlin, South Carolina, Ethan Wate, falls in love with Lena Duchannes, the new girl in town. He soon finds out that Lena comes from a family who possesses supernatural powers and that her own are threatening to spiral out of control as her 16th birthday nears, the day when she will be claimed by the forces of either the Light or the Dark depending on her true nature. Together they attempt to uncover dark secrets of their respective families and their past and break a dark curse that threatens to separate them as Lena struggles to discover her true nature.

Personal Thoughts: I have written a review in a previous post which you can find here.

Notting Hill

My Rating: 9/10
IMDb page: click here
Trailer: click here

Plot: William Thacker is an unsuccessful travel bookshop owner whose ordinary life changes completely when Anna Scott, a world-renowned actress, walks into his shop. After an awkward exchange of words Anna leaves William baffled, certain that he'll never see her again. When he accidentally runs into her a second time, Anna spontaneously decides to give him a chance to get closer to her. However, as the two get to know each other better over time, William will realise that pursuing the world's most wanted woman is not as easy as he'd imagined, especially when Anna's every move is under the constant surveillance of the all-devouring social media.

Personal Thoughts: I have written a review in a previous post which you can find here.

About Time

My Rating: 9/10
IMDb Page: click here
Trailer: click here

Plot: At the age of 21, Tim discovers that he can travel back in time and change any event that has taken place in his life. After meeting Mary and falling in love with her he struggles for a perfect relationship by time-travelling and correcting his mistakes. But he will soon realise that his new power can not protect him from the complications of life.

Personal Thoughts: The film is humorous, intelligent and has a lot of emotional depth. I find the concept of the film very clever because everyone faces a time in their lives when they wish that they could go back in time and take back something they said or change the way they handled a situation. The film uses a funny, clumsy character with whom we can easily identify in order to provoke us to imagine what we would do if we had the power to change things and how it would affect our lives. Furthermore, it also shows us the way in which bonds of family and love can be tested through life and how some things can't be changed despite our greatest effort. The film teaches us to learn to accept and appreciate life as it is and make the best of it. In conclusion, I really liked this movie and I definitely recommend you watch it.

How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days

My Rating: 7/10
IMDb Page: click here
Trailer: click here

Plot: Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive, competing with two female co-workers, who make a deal with him that they will hand over the account for a major campaign, on the condition that he can make a woman of their choice to fall in love with him in 10 days. And that woman turns out to be Andie Anderson, who at the time is writing an article on "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" as a bet with her boss so as to be allowed to write more serious articles. The two become a couple to carry out their contradicting missions, but will either of them be able to succeed in winning their bet?

Personal Thoughts: 
This film is very predictable, but very cute and funny at the same time. It's very interesting to watch two people enter a relationship for unusual, entirely conflicting reasons and then struggle with what they got themselves into. I felt really bad for everything that poor Ben had to go through as Andie intensified her attempts to have him break up with her (I really admire his determination, although his motives weren't the best either). 

(spoiler alert: To be honest though, I really don't understand how he still ended up falling in love with her in the end.)

I think the film urges women to think about whether they can sometimes be suffocating their partner in a relationship and what they should avoid doing in order to keep him. Also, it shows guys the concept of entering a relationship with a complete psycho, while at the same time making them more appreciative towards their current relationship and normal girlfriend. So, girls, show this film to your boyfriends and let them be thankful for having a great girlfriend like you.

Runaway Bride
My Rating: 7/10
IMDb page: click here
Trailer: click here

Plot: Ike Graham, a newspaper columnist, writes an article about Maggie Carpenter, a woman who has been engaged several times, but always ends up running away from her weddings, leaving the devastated grooms standing at the altar, based on information from a drunken stranger in a bar. When Ike is fired by his publisher the next day because of the story being allegedly "fake", he decides to visit Maggie's hometown to do research on her and write a fact-based report on her upcoming fourth wedding attempt, which he predicts to fail again. What will Ike find out about Maggie as the two of them grow closer? And will Maggie run away from her wedding yet again?

Personal Thoughts: Although this film is not considered the best of it's genre, it's quite light-hearted and entertaining. In my opinion -and I write this as a person who prefers things to have a special meaning- the film serves the purpose of teaching you that you shouldn't be influenced and controlled by the wishes and desires of other people, but instead get to know who you are and be yourself. Because only if you are true to yourself can you be truly happy. Or a more on-point interpretation would be that even if you have made all the wrong choices when it comes to love, there's always hope for finding the right guy in the end. Lastly, thinking about it seriously, "Maggie" is a character that's hard to like, while her romantic relationship with "Ike" is -although very predictable- a very sudden and unrealistic development. However, I found the film interesting and funny and ended up enjoying it quite a lot.

So, that's all for the first part of "Must-Watch Chick-Flicks". There are a ton of chick-flicks left for me to watch and write about, so I can guarantee that there will be many parts to this series, each of which will include at least 5 films.

I hope you found this post helpful and that you look forward to the next part.

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